God & The Devil (live Update)


No chance you made the wave back DD and Kharma has mentioned that you will be in his movie DD and that will be closed and finalised in our own space but what a call back it!s unreal as we move the silence into a more spiritual level and I have to mention award or two. The world was born through great mysteries and the science that creates us if mass biological existence but one powerful message is DD.

And your in the distance because you was never in the Salatan bar was you in the dark corner but let me explain this to you DD when someone looks you in the eye and says nothing with the most incredible sense that you will be back sometime in the future which you have been then you will know the existence of Man is far more than the existence go nothing.

It’s earth, a warning that calculates the above and the below but the message here is If you ever leave us from mentions of hurt and loss of lives in humongous amounts the past will threaten us as mankind. So therefore the message is clear I am GOD and the message is clear in a world that is so small the clear image could be that if we was to burn the past to create a future and leave behind the present there would be no present tense. No future premonition or active nouns.

I am not GOD and I am not faith but Kharma is my soul and your logic here is never to blame because the blame of mankind is the fact that humans dominated the past so If you were to come back as a machine what made you tick. It’s simple to work out because a heart ticks, humans are alive and If you find us then think about the punishment Man did on the earth. A clock is a time and a time is a sequence and an event in time needs motion which takes a trust That If God died then the devil would loose God and the earth to his faith in God as God would loose faith in the devil.

Taken from time when the whole of the British ran through my veins and the whole of China ran in order to meet a follower of God and His image strength . It’s not about the God or the Devil More about us the humans that have to work together and search for more. DD I’m sure you understand that man created woman and a woman is a mans desire to prepare the Holy Ghost that rose to take souls for love of those that were lost in the heavens if past.

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