Cool Vortex Memories


A vortex is a circular chrome that comes from above like a street the buildings are like pyramids ANDVTGE triagular buildings are triangle which is quite obvious. An oblong is similar to a rectangle but three D shapes have three dimensional.

A cone is like a tube which points at the opposite end which means at the other side to get through the cone woukd be a jam if the cone was driving traffic hence the web has traffic that is coned but every website must have a code that pushes the blind traffic through to the otter end when we close that cone no traffic can pass through like a VNP if the traffic is huge orca site can not be reached it holds up traffic to other sites even if the hyperlinks are pointing to each other

There used to be a game called defender when you could go into hyperspace and then it’s hit or miss wether the sites make it through or not and can be blown up into tiny amounts which could be a download as you can imagine the explosion lets off millions of tiny particles and then gathers together and reminds it’s self. Our forum never leaves home I’d anchored for members to hold down their points of view and not have then distributed around the web.

ESL Teach Abroad


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