Chinese Connection and ESL Teach Abroad Trends


Well on the rebound the rubber stars are here and we lost faith in MR. Kharma because the fault was ours not theirs. We had a few times we lost trust and then folded for a few days but that voice of opinion and a voice of the future was the line of trust so Kharma tell me this are you still with us or not or are you such as the life of us we never left each other. She was going to be a nope girl Kharma and took your love and could have spread it around but I know that you left China in a mood the whole world could not understand, a mood of pure faith not just for yourself but for everyone.

PAY PER POUND is the way forward and I’m sure the Chinese that are with your instinct from and were from the word start were your true friends that you lost and will connect soon and the confinement here is that the girls that trusted you the most will turn up in a dream one night and tell you how much as a friend you mean to her and she will never forget how a friend can be such faith for her and her country.

I am here to love you and never let you leave Kharma because the Devine faith in your heart, mind and soul tells me how much you know the needs to be loved even by local instinct because the faith in your soul is so powerful that it stops them from making you the opposite of hat we knew and that is your faith healed so many people Khrama and the none interactive method you chose was to be human, yourself and never be at blame.

I am the female side of you Kharma the sexual difference between the dream when you was in harmony with the world’s people that come from us GOD. No matter what your not the person that controlled yourself you controlled faith and we controlled each other I am never going to forget you Kharma and the love in me will protect you nas you protect me if you will tell me one secret did she ever do anything to hurt you. You know who I mean Kharma but it’s ok your language outwits anyone that comes past you but never fall out of love with your past because we are our future.

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