Diventional Estimation & Internal Strength


I move from the condominiums and feel I have been through some extra physical training because I’m sure that one night after a huge row and knives been pointed at me there was something going on in the mind of my girlfriend who mentioned she had heard a baby crying and it scared here and considering the apartments next to mine it had to be wrong because there was no babies on my floor. We did meet a couple from who were nice and the woman was rather charming to say the least. They seemed quiet and the boyfriend had to work in Laos fir his job.

I had enough of my girlfriend at this point after vicious breakups, I thought I could attract the girl next door somehow and why not when a man doesn’t understand the anger if a woman hurts him then why should he be afraid to move on.bThe fact fact nus I never wanted to continue the relationship with her and she could not bear that she could not break me down.

babies were heard crying and what I was going through at the time when the clock began to tick in my head and I felt so different, I had heard these voices in my thoughts and they asked me some questions. This happened when the times were tough and it was when my girlfriend and I had split up for seven months, she just disappeared from me and I was alone.

In my thoughts there was questions about friends back in England and their names and then it moved on to If I could change something where I lived what would I do. I knew at this point It was either myself or someone that wished to control me. I was asked about the seven wonders of the world and asked questions about them even the Great Wall of China came up.

I was alone and thousands of miles from my home country because it was my job to be there to teach through the months but I was strong and had fun in the night in chat rooms which was great fun and I was known by various names such as Charlie Love It. As the old wise man says what you earn is not what you preach more what you teach to earn. I was on a good salary but found it hard to be able to resist the thought of been possessed but I was ultra strong and wise enough to get through the weeks and months.

I felt like I was been watched and followed but never scared more an unusual feeling that been scared was more like been better at been able to win myself back to fitness, which I did after a few months I was drinking on weekends and late at night I decided to clean up but not before something happened. This occasion was something that makes me super human today because it could have gave been much worse than a loner jumping off the balcony 28 floors up.

The next events were at most incredible and I sat there in my room I was thinking about eating some local rice and chicken and then moved from my apartment to the lower floors on the street and into a restaurant. What happend next was remarkable and scared me somewhat but made sense and after all the name of the street was called Bond Street.

I walked back from the chicken shop and then entered the building and it was dark and a quiet night almost like there was something in the air, what happened next was shocking and even though could there coukd have been an occurrence before I managed to escape the next event which saw me trapped in a lift half way up the condominium and there were no lights and the oxygen was running out from the internal lift I was trapped in.

I took some deep breathes and then got my composure and searched fo.r the alarm but it was pitch black and I began to rip the doors open and then climbed up from the lift which wasn’t open but stuck between two floors. The next events tried my strength so much I was in a frame of mind I coukd have ran down the stairs and blamed the security guard.

ESL Teach Abroad



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