Personal Classroom Management

I remember various achievements when employed as head teacher at a primary school that highlighted the importance of teamwork and how individuals affected each other as a team. One example in a previous school I was employed at was the requirements as a team to complete student expected outcomes. The school ask me as head […]

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China in talks with the Philippines for more English Teachers

BEIJING – Talks are ongoing between the Philippines and China for the entry of more Filipinos to teach English in Chinese universities and primary and secondary schools, Manila’s envoy here said. With the increasing demand for teachers in English, Ambassador Jose Santiago Sta. Romana said the Chinese government has modified its requirements to allow more […]

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Chinese Banking for Teachers

It’s hard to imagine been far from home for long durations but it’s also priceless to learn more to continue. Most teachers love their new positions and countries but what can be done to make the next year better. Sometimes there is to much cash to take with you so your not sure about new […]

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Napal Earthquake

Nepal earthquake death toll rises as dozens of Britons remain missing. The scale of the suffering inflicted by Nepal’s earthquake became clearer on Monday when the official death toll rose to 3,726. At first, the home affairs ministry in Kathmandu believed that about 400 people had been killed by the tremor, which struck on Saturday. […]

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Travel & Teach in China

Teachers are now able to become a member in the forum and read the news on ESL. Teacher can become a member in the forum where we can find teacher’s postions all over the world. China for example is a fast developing country and requires thousands of teacher’s. We are not an Agency so please […]

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